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Contemporary Wall Lights

Introduce soft ambience with our collection of classic and contemporary wall lights. Each design exudes precision detail, exquisite aesthetics, and versatile functionality. Spanning modern, to art deco to timeless classics, and available in a range of finishes and luxury raw materials.

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97 products


Modena  Wall LightModena  Wall Light
Modena Wall Light Price£675.00
Novara Wall LightNovara Wall Light
Novara Wall Light Price£720.00
Axl Wall LightAxl Wall Light
Axl Wall Light Price£792.00
Bourbon Wall LightBourbon Wall Light
Bourbon Wall Light PriceFrom £522.00
Sydney Reading Wall LightSydney Reading Wall Light
Sydney Up & Down Wall LightSydney Up & Down Wall Light
Sydney Wall LightSydney Wall Light
Sydney Wall Light Price£810.00
Porto Wall LightPorto Wall Light
Porto Wall Light Price£765.00
Verona Wall LightVerona Wall Light
Verona Wall Light Price£855.00
Carbon Single Wall LightCarbon Single Wall Light
Faro Wall LightFaro Wall Light
Faro Wall Light Price£747.00
Solti Twin Wall LightSolti Twin Wall Light
Solti Twin Wall Light Price£699.00
Solti Wall Light
Solti Wall Light Price£409.00
Sodium Twin Wall LightSodium Twin Wall Light
Sodium Twin Wall Light PriceFrom £477.00
Sodium Single Wall LightSodium Single Wall Light
Sodium Single Wall Light PriceFrom £356.00
Nola Wall LightNola Wall Light
Nola Wall Light Price£426.00
Azure WallAzure Wall
Azure Wall Price£128.00
Aurelia Wall LightAurelia Wall Light
Aurelia Wall Light Price£697.00
Aurelia Wall Light TasselAurelia Wall Light Tassel
Bartok Twin Wall Light
Bartok Wall LightBartok Wall Light
Bartok Wall Light Price£351.00
Berlin WallBerlin Wall
Berlin Wall Price£82.00
Elysium  WallElysium  Wall
Elysium Wall Price£146.00
Kiminia WallKiminia Wall
Kiminia Wall Price£144.00