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Green Initiatives

We all have a part to play to ensure the future survival of our planet for generations to come.  Having strong green initiatives sets the tone for our heritage that we have proudly formed for more than thirty-five years.

Our Commitment

Zero to landfill since 2015

98% of lighting from energy-efficient LEDs

Ensuring longevity through our designs & materials

Repairable & recyclable components

Circular Design

A Greener Workplace

We continue to invest in more efficient machinery and equipment.  Our new laser uses around 90% less energy than our previous one, and updated office heating systems are run on more modern, energy efficient boilers.

Our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources and 98% of the lighting across our premises is powered by energy-efficient LEDs.  

Supporting our locally diverse natural habitats is important to us.  Our on-site wildflower meadow and pond helps to encourage local wildlife to flourish. 

Green Partners


In partnership with Veolia, our waste management is zero to landfill which includes all card and paper products, wood, glass, general household waste and plastics.


Our partnership with AVC Weeeco ensures the proper disposal of all EEE items, including batteries, along with quarterly submissions to the Environment Agency.


ISO14001 certification shows our commitment to stringent environmental standards, independently tested & certified.

Our Future

Investigating solar-powered energy solutions is one of the next steps on our roadmap to a greener future.  As part of this we’re also looking to install electric vehicle charging points to support staff and customers who already use electric vehicles, and to encourage those who don’t to consider them in the future.  Within the next 6 months, 100% of the lighting in our premises will be from LEDs.

We’re not perfect; we’ve got so much more we want to achieve.  But with our sustainability roadmap and commitment to constantly improving our green credentials, the sky is the limit.  By challenging what we do today, even small steps forward can drive real change tomorrow.