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Bespoke Made to Order Lights

More than just luxury lighting, each piece in our Signature Collection tells a story; combining materials, finishes, and exquisite craftsmanship in a way that’s timeless and inspired. Our made to order and bespoke lights are designed and made in Britain, combining traditional artisan techniques with cutting-edge technology.

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232 products


Modena  Wall LightModena  Wall Light
Modena Wall Light Price£675.00
Modena Floor LampModena Floor Lamp
Modena Floor Lamp Price£972.00
Modena Table LampModena Table Lamp
Modena Table Lamp Price£630.00
Novara Floor LampNovara Floor Lamp
Novara Floor Lamp Price£1,035.00
Novara Table LampNovara Table Lamp
Novara Table Lamp Price£720.00
Novara Wall LightNovara Wall Light
Novara Wall Light Price£720.00
Axl 3-light PendantAxl 3-light Pendant
Axl 3-light Pendant Price£2,205.00
Axl Wall LightAxl Wall Light
Axl Wall Light Price£792.00
Axl Floor LampAxl Floor Lamp
Axl Floor Lamp Price£936.00
Axl Table LampAxl Table Lamp
Axl Table Lamp Price£657.00
Carbon Floor LampCarbon Floor Lamp
Carbon Floor Lamp PriceFrom £810.00
Carbon Table LampCarbon Table Lamp
Carbon Table Lamp PriceFrom £624.50
Carbon Single Wall LightCarbon Single Wall Light
Cleo Table LampCleo Table Lamp
Cleo Table Lamp Price£1,134.00
Bourbon PendantBourbon Pendant
Bourbon Pendant PriceFrom £522.00
Bourbon Table LampBourbon Table Lamp
Bourbon Table Lamp PriceFrom £855.00
Bourbon Wall LightBourbon Wall Light
Bourbon Wall Light PriceFrom £522.00
Sydney Reading Wall LightSydney Reading Wall Light
Sydney Up & Down Wall LightSydney Up & Down Wall Light
Sydney Wall LightSydney Wall Light
Sydney Wall Light Price£810.00
Cumberbatch Floor LampCumberbatch Floor Lamp
Cumberbatch Floor Lamp PriceFrom £792.00
Cumberbatch Table LampCumberbatch Table Lamp
Cumberbatch Table Lamp PriceFrom £450.00
Faro Floor LampFaro Floor Lamp
Faro Floor Lamp Price£990.00
Faro Table LampFaro Table Lamp
Faro Table Lamp Price£774.00