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Ready to Ship - Luxury Ceiling Lights

Explore our stylish collection of luxury ceiling lights from British designers. Choose from a variety of styles, including classic pendants and contemporary chandeliers, to illuminate and enhance any space. Discover exquisite aesthetics at accessible prices.

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110 products


Imogen Semi flushImogen Semi flush
Imogen Semi flush PriceFrom £176.00
Houston PendantHouston Pendant
Houston Pendant Price£101.00
Saturn 6-light PendantSaturn 6-light Pendant
Saturn 4-light PendantSaturn 4-light Pendant
Saturn 3-light Semi flushSaturn 3-light Semi flush
Everest 6-Light PendantEverest 6-Light Pendant
Everest Triple PendantEverest Triple Pendant
Alana PendantAlana Pendant
Alana Pendant Price£162.00
Molten Pendant LargeMolten Pendant Large
Molten Pendant Large PriceFrom £123.00
Molten Pendant MediumMolten Pendant Medium
Molten Pendant Medium PriceFrom £88.00
Imelda Hourglass PendantImelda Hourglass Pendant
Glio PendantGlio Pendant
Glio Pendant PriceFrom £79.00
Elysium 6-light PendantElysium 6-light Pendant
Elias Triple PendantElias Triple Pendant
Elias Triple Pendant Price£181.00
Elias PendantElias Pendant
Elias Pendant Price£109.00
Estrina PendantEstrina Pendant
Estrina Pendant Price£219.00
Kiminia 9-light PendantKiminia 9-light Pendant
Kiminia 9-light Pendant PriceFrom £420.00
Zara 5-light PendantZara 5-light Pendant
Zara 5-light Pendant Price£335.00
Zara 3-light PendantZara 3-light Pendant
Zara 3-light Pendant Price£199.00
Olympia Pendant MediumOlympia Pendant Medium
Olympia Pendant Medium PriceFrom £59.00
Olympia Pendant LargeOlympia Pendant Large
Olympia Hammered Pendant SmallOlympia Hammered Pendant Small
Olympia Hammered Pendant MediumOlympia Hammered Pendant Medium
Olympia Hammered Pendant LargeOlympia Hammered Pendant Large