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Bespoke Made to Order Wall Lights

By blending bespoke wall lights with pieces from our made-to-order collection, we ensure a tailored approach suited to a diverse range of interior projects and budgets. Our Signature wall lights are handcrafted in Britain by our artisans, with a variety of luxury materials and finishes to choose from.

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62 products


Novara Wall LightNovara Wall Light
Novara Wall Light Price£720.00
Carbon Single Wall LightCarbon Single Wall Light
Bourbon Wall LightBourbon Wall Light
Bourbon Wall Light PriceFrom £522.00
Axl Wall LightAxl Wall Light
Axl Wall Light Price£792.00
Faro Wall LightFaro Wall Light
Faro Wall Light Price£747.00
Lisbon Wall LightLisbon Wall Light
Lisbon Wall Light Price£792.00
Modena  Wall LightModena  Wall Light
Modena Wall Light Price£675.00
Porto Wall LightPorto Wall Light
Porto Wall Light Price£765.00
Sodium Single Wall LightSodium Single Wall Light
Sodium Single Wall Light PriceFrom £356.00
Sodium Twin Wall LightSodium Twin Wall Light
Sodium Twin Wall Light PriceFrom £477.00
Sydney Reading Wall LightSydney Reading Wall Light
Sydney Up & Down Wall LightSydney Up & Down Wall Light
Sydney Wall LightSydney Wall Light
Sydney Wall Light Price£810.00
Verona Wall LightVerona Wall Light
Verona Wall Light Price£855.00
Luca Medium Triple Wall LightLuca Medium Triple Wall Light
Luca Large Triple Wall LightLuca Large Triple Wall Light
Luca Wall Large LightLuca Wall Large Light
Luca Wall Large Light Price£492.00
Luca Wall Medium LightLuca Wall Medium Light
Brandt Wall LightBrandt Wall Light
Brandt Wall Light Price£380.00
Burlington Twin Wall LightBurlington Twin Wall Light
Burlington Wall LightBurlington Wall Light
Burlington Wall Light Price£500.00
Camber Wall LightCamber Wall Light
Camber Wall Light Price£489.00
Castor Wall LightCastor Wall Light
Castor Wall Light Price£999.00
Castro Wall Light
Castro Wall Light Price£477.00