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Bespoke Made to Order Ceiling Lights

Our made to order and bespoke ceiling lights are designed and crafted in Britain by our artisans. Understated pendants in a plethora of styles offer layered pools of lights, while large chandeliers in luxury raw materials and custom finishes create an impressive focal point to elevate any space.

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Chiltern ChandelierChiltern Chandelier
Chiltern Chandelier Price£2,778.00
Axl 3-light PendantAxl 3-light Pendant
Axl 3-light Pendant Price£2,205.00
Bourbon PendantBourbon Pendant
Bourbon Pendant PriceFrom £522.00
Warner PendantWarner Pendant
Warner Pendant PriceFrom £388.00
Delaunay ChandelierDelaunay Chandelier
Delaunay Chandelier Price£2,274.00
Evie ChandelierEvie Chandelier
Evie Chandelier Price£2,246.00
Hestia PendantHestia Pendant
Hestia Pendant Price£334.00
Hoffman ChandelierHoffman Chandelier
Hoffman Chandelier Price£1,720.00
Casina PendantCasina Pendant
Casina Pendant Price£555.00
Monier ChandelierMonier Chandelier
Monier Chandelier Price£4,267.00
Rubicon Pendant AnthraciteRubicon Pendant Anthracite
Rubicon Pendant SmokeRubicon Pendant Smoke
Rubicon Pendant Smoke Price£573.00
Aurelia ChandelierAurelia Chandelier
Aurelia Chandelier Price£2,675.00
Aurelia Chandelier TasselAurelia Chandelier Tassel
Aurelia PendantAurelia Pendant
Aurelia Pendant Price£800.00
Aurelia Pendant TasselAurelia Pendant Tassel
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier Price£1,221.00
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier Price£1,866.00
Levitt PendantLevitt Pendant
Levitt Pendant PriceFrom £381.00
Romney PendantRomney Pendant
Romney Pendant PriceFrom £388.00
Milo PendantMilo Pendant
Milo Pendant Price£706.00
Viola PendantViola Pendant
Viola Pendant Price£706.00
Solti 12-Arm ChandelierSolti 12-Arm Chandelier
Solti 12-Arm Chandelier Price£3,583.00
Solti 8-Arm ChandelierSolti 8-Arm Chandelier
Solti 8-Arm Chandelier Price£2,611.00