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Ready to Ship - Luxury Wall Lights

From modern designs to timeless classics, our stylish collection of luxury wall lights offers soft illumination combined with beautiful aesthetics. Each piece is designed in Britain and carefully curated to uphold our commitment to precision-crafted lighting.

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35 products


Kiminia WallKiminia Wall
Kiminia Wall Price£144.00
Elysium  WallElysium  Wall
Elysium Wall Price£146.00
Azure WallAzure Wall
Azure Wall Price£128.00
Nordia WallNordia Wall
Nordia Wall Price£45.00
Serena WallSerena Wall
Serena Wall Price£99.00
Toulouse Twin WallToulouse Twin Wall
Toulouse Twin Wall Price£47.00
Toulouse WallToulouse Wall
Toulouse Wall Price£33.00
Milano WallMilano Wall
Milano Wall Price£45.00
Antwerp WallAntwerp Wall
Antwerp Wall PriceFrom £84.00
Lillian WallLillian Wall
Lillian Wall Price£65.00
Gloria WallGloria Wall
Gloria Wall PriceFrom £63.00
Kanata Wall LightKanata Wall Light
Kanata Wall Light Price£27.00
Manhattan 1lt WallManhattan 1lt Wall
Manhattan 1lt Wall Price£80.00
Aura WallAura Wall
Aura Wall Price£109.00
Hope WallHope Wall
Hope Wall Price£36.00
Henley WallHenley Wall
Henley Wall Price£56.00
Berlin WallBerlin Wall
Berlin Wall Price£82.00
Malia WallMalia Wall
Malia Wall Price£39.00
Lorenzo WallLorenzo Wall
Lorenzo Wall PriceFrom £80.00
Lydia WallLydia Wall
Lydia Wall PriceFrom £50.00
Olympia WallOlympia Wall
Olympia Wall PriceFrom £28.00
Sancerio WallSancerio Wall
Sancerio Wall PriceFrom £33.00
Tennessee WallTennessee Wall
Tennessee Wall Price£53.00
Klint WallKlint Wall
Klint Wall PriceFrom £110.00