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Article: Meet the Master Crafters: Part V

Meet the Master Crafters: Part V

Angela Wall - Shades

Angela started her journey with Northern Lights more than 15 years ago after almost two decades of working as a nurse. We caught up with her to find out how it all started.

What made you join Northern Lights?

I worked in nursing for 19 years and just fancied a change. I heard about a job working with fabrics and thought, "well, I've never done it before – but I can always learn!" That was 15 years ago.

That's quite a change. What gave you the confidence to jump ship?

I've always loved interiors, DIY and decorating, so it seemed like a natural fit. 

In terms of interiors, do you have a personal favourite style?

I'm very changeable – my house changes round a lot. I love industrial at the moment, but I'd say at least once every 12 months, we have a new design scheme!

What's your weak spot when it comes to interiors?

I have a cushion fetish! I've got about 14 cushions on my sofa, and pretty much there are cushions in every room and garden.
I also really like how plants can transform an interior. I love growing Boston Ferns and have been looking into tricks to help them thrive rather than die, like using a humidifier instead of misting them, which seems to be working (so far). They're flourishing quite nicely now.

What do you love about your job?

It's nice because I work with different shade types, styles and materials. For some jobs, you really have to think about how you will achieve the end result and what will work the best. It makes your brain work to look at things and approach them differently.
Seeing the finished product on site is one thing, but seeing the pictures of it in a complete room setting is like, wow – that looks so good! Especially as we do some unusual stuff. I get so much satisfaction from that.

What's your pet hate?

Wherever I go, if I'm out and I see joints on shades that haven't been turned to the back, it gets me. Or when a bulb is used, that's not the right size for the shade. Honestly, it drives me mad!

How do you get inspired?

I love chatting to our design team about colours and schemes that are coming through, and we all are involved in sharing opinions and giving our thoughts on what would work best – even for things as small as what shade size will work best on what base.
I also lose hours on Pinterest. It gives you so many ideas; I think it's wonderful. When designers see the types of things we make at Northern Lights on our Pinterest boards, it gives them a lot of ideas and inspiration. Our lighting just wholly transforms a space; it's fantastic to see.

Other than changing your interiors every 12 months, what other things do you enjoy?

I'm into whittling and am currently making spoons – I'm only on my second one and not particularly good at it at the moment! But I'm hoping to get better. I've burnt wood for DIY home projects to get contrasting looks and finishes. Wood is one of my favourite things to work with; I love the different grains and tones.