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Article: Beyond Lighting

Beyond Lighting

Exploring our capabilities in manufacture beyond lighting.

In addition to bespoke lighting, we can also manufacture screens, bar gantries, furniture, frames, and many other fixtures and fittings to complement any hospitality or residential interior. As a result of the Covid-19 situation, we have also focused on designing and manufacturing dividing screens to be used as an aid to social distancing measures in hospitality venues, bars, and restaurants. 

Our latest design and manufacturing venture was based on a photograph that one of our staff members captured of a fern leaf. The intricacy of its natural design showed a lot of potential to be brought to life in a way that would incorporate a wide range of our in-house machinery. Having studied the details in the original photograph, our Head of Creative used watercolour paints to create a stunning illustration that would form the foundations of our final creation. Once the watercolour paintings were completed, our graphic designer used Adobe Illustrator to create a line-drawn concept of a two-part dividing screen. The line drawing was passed on to our Head of Design, who created a technical drawing to be used during the laser-cutting process.

The two brass panels were transported through various sections of the factory. The laser-cut brass panels were finished by hand, lacquered, painted, and passed on to be assembled by two of our craftsmen. The entire process was captured to create a video presentation, which depicts the conception of the original idea, all of the factory-led processes, right up to its final assembly. You can view the video here.