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Article: Northern Lights is Back

Northern Lights is Back

Looking ahead to a new world of hospitality and beyond.

We are pleased to announce that, after a nationwide lockdown, we have opened our manufacturing facility with a small team to react to the numerous orders and enquiries that we have received over these last eight challenging weeks. We have implemented safe working conditions to enforce distancing and are protecting our workforce with masks and screens.

In the light of these sad, strange and challenging times we think it is an ideal opportunity to showcase some of the screens we have created over the last few years for many of the beautiful projects on which we have worked.

Then they were focal points within a room and used to divide areas – now with our “new normal”, they can be an essential way of ensuring space and distance is maintained within Hotels and Bar and Restaurants. With our vast bespoke manufacturing capabilities, we can easily incorporate your ideas and designs into screens. Using our laser cutter and CNC router, we can apply decorative patterns and finishes to either clad an acrylic sheet or as a stand-alone metal piece.

We have supplied screens to several hotels and bars – notably the Isrotel, Jerusalem, the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street and Mein Schiff 4, a Cruise liner. We are now extending this range to offer fixed screen partitions, free-standing folding screens and modular screens.

The metalwork can be applied with any of the finishes from our Metallurgy range. The screens can be stand-alone or incorporate lighting.

There are also many other ways we can elevate the essential products such as hand sanitisers that Hotels and Bars and Restaurants will have to use over the coming year. We can create decorative containers to disguise the dispiriting but essential sanitisers to either work within your new scheme or add to existing areas.

In addition to manufacturing lighting and screens, we can also make furniture and functional bar shelving as illustrated in the Tish, London and the Project Orange illuminated table for the new Nhow Hotel in London.

If you would like to discuss any new or existing projects with us, utilising any or all of our design and manufacturing capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Northern Lights would like to extend its very best wishes to every one of our clients and collaborators during this difficult time. We are looking forward to the restoration of our hospitality industry and continuing to support you and your projects with innovative and beautiful bespoke lighting and accessory solutions.