Donna Bruce

Managing Director

Donna has been living and breathing Northern Lights from a young age. She started working as a temp during school holidays and after finishing her education found herself working in the Sales Department. With her intrinsic knowledge of manufacturing she worked her way through the sales function up to Sales Director. Now, as Managing Director, she is using this wealth of knowledge to drive us ahead in our Hospitality & Residential markets. Her hobbies are softball, netball, volleyball, football – anything with a ball really. Over-competitive on every level, she has caused many minor injuries to opposition teams over the years and scared many off actually turning up for games.

Headshot of Donna Bruce - Managing Director

Kevin Swart

Sales Director

When South Africa kicked him out over 16 years ago, their loss was our gain. Kevin has worked for many big interior brands since he landed here and we were lucky enough to persuade him to our charms in 2016. As a successful interior designer, he has used his passion and knowledge tirelessly in the hospitality sector and enabled us to supply into prestigious brands such as Belmond, Four Seasons, Marriott and Corinthia.  As a stereotypical South African, he is happiest incinerating huge lumps of meat on his Braai with a large glass of something at 15 percent in his hand. 

Kevin Swart - Sales Director

Donna Gridley

Head of Creative

With a background in Ceramics, 3D design and Fine Art, Donna has been creating and designing successful lighting collections for over 20 years. After 23 years with Heathfield and Co as Design Director, Donna joined us in 2016 and has been instrumental in changing our brand and how we present our new ranges. In addition to designing new lighting, she also supports the sales side with her industry knowledge and expertise. As a Bon Viveur (we say greedy lush) she is on a mission to convert her colleagues to the pleasures of world cheeses with their own pulse, and why drinking cheap Pinot Grigio is socially unacceptable. So also a bit pretentious…

Headshot of Donna Gridley - Head of Creative

Michael Jackson

Head of Design

Michael has been with the business for over 14 years and is the brains behind our most complicated installations and problem solver for all things technical that we encounter daily, in this ever changing industry. He has a fascination for Nottingham and spends much of his free time taking his unlucky wife on weekend breaks there. As beautiful as Nottingham is, we are still trying to discover what on earth draws him there (Robin Hood was not the answer).

Headshot of Michael Jackson - Head of Design

Caroline Knight

Head of HR & Accounts and Company Secretary

Caroline has been with Northern Lights for over 7 years and heads up the Accounts and Human Resources teams. She has a passion for both HR and Accountancy and spends a lot of her free time not adhering to the stereotype of a typical accountant. Her passions are bungee jumping, competitive paint balling and flower pressing – something she is struggling to do simultaneously.

Headshot of Caroline Knight - Head of HR & Accounts

Lee Stone

Head of Procurement

Lee is responsible for Procurement and IT. He has over 20 years of experience in buying and the qualifications to show for it. He has great relationships with our many suppliers without whom we could not function as a luxury decorative lighting supplier. Amongst his many hobbies are glamping at musical festivals across the UK and virtual tank commanding and strategy for which he has a huge online following. Slightly unbelievably…

Headshot of Lee Stone - Head of Procurement

Madeleine Rasmussen

Business Development Manager

We were delighted when Madeleine joined us from Conran Contracts in 2018. With a proven track record in hospitality sales she has been a wonderful addition to our team and has built on the great relationships she has with interior designers and FF&E companies across London, Scotland and the South East. Dedicated to oversized quirky sculptural jewellery and break dancing she has managed not to injure herself too severely while combining fashionable necklaces and head spins.

Headshot of Madeleine Rasmussen - Business Development Manager

Mike Dowsing

Business Development Manager

Mike has been developing brands and the bar and restaurant markets with us for over 25 years. As an interior designer, his knowledge is invaluable for schemes and layouts for the numerous  restaurant and bar groups he assists in their projects and roll outs. His other passions are online poker and expensive whisky. The combination of these hobbies now leaves him residing in a small shed on his allotment just outside Dunstable.

Headshot of Mike Dowsing - Business Development Manager

Sara Wadsworth

Head of Marketing

We had been pursuing Sara for several years and finally managed to tear her away from the joys of luxury soft furnishings, cosmetics and cookware. She is embracing the new challenges (us, as much as the business!) and is already having a positive impact.  

Happily married to Mike, who she nearly ran over on their first date (he now sleeps with one eye open), Sara’s passions are death metal burlesque and power tools. She tries not to mix the two as she is frankly the most accident-prone employee we have ever had.  When not burlesquing dangerously, she loves the outdoors and manages to keep up the glamorous head attire whilst tearing around their plot on a mini digger. She will go out in style!  

Lee Grieve

Business Development Manager

Lee started his career with us as a lighting designer and this knowledge has aided his transition into our sales team. He is enthusiastic and dedicated to both hospitality and residential projects and the practicalities and aesthetics of good design. Lee is obsessed with cycling and everything related to it. He recently won best new cycling outfit 2020 by combining lycra with sausages. This encourages the wearer to peddle faster with every dog in a 20km radius on their tails…(Really bad pun. Sorry)

Headshot of Lee Grieve - Business Development Manager

Natalie Shakesheff

Head of Projects

As Head of Projects, Natalie uses her experience and knowledge as a senior designer and complex projects manager to find solutions to the myriad bespoke designs and installations we encounter in numerous prestigious luxury schemes.    

Another complete and contradictory nutter, she adores high risk sports and activities – she has noted DIY within this, bizarrely, so is not long for this world…  

When she is not unintentionally trying to kill herself she loves camping and now caravanning (towing a van at speed also fits into the above). Nat also has a passion for musicals and Celine Dion which she refuses to be embarrassed about in spite of our best efforts!  

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