Dirty Martini Birmingham

Grapes design have consistently developed the language of the `Dirty Martini’ but give each new venue a subtle twist.

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Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini Birmingham

Interior Designer

Grapes Design

Fittings Supplied

Wall Lights, Pendants & Pillar Lights

Taking design inspiration from the previous contemporary restaurant lighting we have completed for the ‘Dirty Martini’ brand, Grapes Design collaborated with us to create a brand new collection of modern restaurant lighting for the Birmingham branch.



Grapes design have consistently developed the language of the `Dirty Martini’ brand. They give each new venue a subtle twist, whether through the commissioning of original artwork, getting us to create unique bespoke feature lighting or introducing current trends through innovative design ideas. The Birmingham branch is the perfect example of all of these points coming together.

Dirty Martini

The now-iconic laser-cut fretwork is given a new spin alongside tall, blown glass pendants that cast an inviting golden light. In quieter corners of the bar, the hard lines and exposed lamps give way to the softer more subdued mood from scarlet pleated pendants.

Since the concept launch in 2009, Dirty Martini has grown to 16 sites throughout the UK and is one of the most popular cocktail brands in London. We pride ourselves on helping 'Dirty martini' achieve such a distinct vibrant look.

Dirty Martini Dirty Martini

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