Brasseria Notting Hill

La Brasseria Notting Hill intends to woo West London with aperitivi, breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week in proper Italian trattoria-style.

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Brasseria Notting Hill

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All brushed brass chandeliers, pleated-shade wall lights and bar-top perforated brass table lamps.

Lovers of Italian food can get their fix of traditional cuisine at Marylebone's La Brasseria Milanese, which first opened back in May 2018.

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Now the owners, third-generation brothers Andrea and Alberto Fraquelli, have introduced Marylebone Village's "best Italian coffee" and homemade pasta to a second location, over in Notting Hill.

It was a pleasure for Northern Lights to realise Fettle's vision for the captivating brasserie scheme. La Brasseria Notting Hill became the third project of our growing portfolio of fettle-led projects, having previously manufactured lighting for their work on Moncks and Tavolino. Fettle's scheme incorporates both contemporary and more traditional materials to ensure that it is in keeping with the restaurant scene of the local area whilst still retaining the intimacy of the previous space. The completed restaurant includes an extensive feature bar on the ground floor, giving the room a focal point whilst adding theatre to the space.


To accommodate the low ceiling heights and to bring the theme of the garden wallpaper up onto the ceiling, the frames of the ceiling lights were made to resemble the shape of a petal or leaf when looking up at them. With the four large opal glass globes at the tip of each petal and one globe in the middle, the ceiling lights also resemble a flower from different angles. With their soft lines, striking shape, and subtle horticultural theme, these 12 statement ceiling lights help create a lovely and soft harmonious atmosphere. 


The wall lights echo the curves in the rest of the project with their distinct conical shape both in the bespoke metal base and the pleated shades. Many different pleats were tried before we found the right one that would allow for this unusual shape of a minimal radius that accommodated a lot of fabric near the base of the cone but could also keep the sumptuous folds on the outer part of the shade. 


Fettle put their twist on a library light for the bar using their bespoke version of our brushed antique brass finish. These bar lights, clumped in two groups of three, are surprisingly light and curvy due to how Northern Lights constructed the lights using our state of the art laser cutter. We used thin metal to laser cut the shades and were also able to laser cut a circular pattern into the side panels, which allowed more light to illuminate the bar. The result is a delicate and refined version of a library light that sits effortlessly on the bar.

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