22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is the tallest tower at the heart of London's financial district.

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22 Bishopsgate

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All worktop library lights.

Shaped to encompass townscape views, its twenty-three-sided faceted glass form makes a solid and serene backdrop to the surrounding articulated towers and the historic fabric of the Bank of England Conservation Area.



DesignLSM was commissioned to implement the interior design for The Market's food and dining areas on Level 2 at 22 Bishopsgate, collaborating with Amy Morris from The Morris Project NYC.

Designed to put user experience and human interaction at its core, 22 Bishopsgate is the first significant London building to embody the structural and cultural shifts in people's work and lives. It is also the first building in the UK to apply for the WELL Building Standard providing a healthier environment to work and reside in.


It was an absolute pleasure for Northern Lights to work with DesignLSM on our most significant collaboration to date and realise their innovative lighting designs. The design for 22 Bishopsgate seeks to emulate their noble objectives, encouraging community development while supporting collaboration, well-being and discovery. With a natural colour palette interspersed with subtle brown hues with the muted tones referencing the Heraldic emblems of the guilds, coupled with the use of natural materials, soft natural plaster and oak arches communicate a sense of balance and harmony, allowing guests to come together for shared experiences.


In particular, our bespoke version of a library light features prominently throughout the project, with over 72 lights dotted around the area. These lights subtly reference the gorgeous Art Deco aesthetics of The Market's dining areas but with a contemporary twist to match the modernity of the venue. The substantial bronze cast shades and hand-painted bronze stems have been fixed to beech worktops and fitted with twin lamp holders to provide a bidirectional glow. Thought was also taken with the wiring due to how many units were in this project, and the mains cable has been cleverly fed through the table to prevent wire exposure. As these lights are a prominently recurring feature, it was imperative to work closely with DesignLSM to make sure the dimensions precisely fit the space so they could zone specific areas without being too intrusive. These library lights come into their own in the evening with their warm glow creating an intimate space for studying, working, or dining. 

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