Green Initiatives

Our first choice is always to manufacture here in the UK - this is something we always strive for with each project.

Having strong green initiatives sets the tone for our heritage that we have proudly formed over the past thirty-five years.

The first choice of Northern Lights, if the project budget allows, is to manufacture here in the UK, which we primarily achieve with bespoke lighting and accessories. This is a large entity of our business, and it sets a tone for our proud heritage that has been developed for over thirty-five years.

Raw component sourcing in the UK is always a primary choice for our company as we aim to make bespoke lighting manufacture as sustainable as possible. Our carbon footprint is minimised by a large portion of our manufacturing being achieved under one roof - in our Derbyshire premises and supplied straight into projects in the UK. We source, collaborate and procure as much as we can by using UK suppliers and craft specialists for blown glass, organic artisan glass, wood and metal plating within a 60-mile radius of our premises.

In partnership with Veolia, our waste management is ‘zero to landfill’ which includes all card and paper products, wood, glass, general household waste and plastics. We have also established a partnership with AVC Weeeco to ensure the proper disposal of all EEE items, including batteries, along with quarterly submissions to the Environment Agency.

80% of the lighting in our factory and 100% in our offices is now energy-efficient LED. We aim to use 100% LED lighting throughout the business by the end of 2021. With so many businesses moving in the direction of sustainability to each play a part in helping our environment, Northern Lights is incredibly proud to adopt and develop new and existing approaches to a greener future in our workplace to ensure the future survival of our planet for generations to come.

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