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Ready to Ship - Luxury Pendant Lights

Explore our collection of Ready to Ship luxury pendant lights. Choose from a variety of styles, including industrial, classic and contemporary, offering a plethora of choice to fit with your interior vision. Exquisite aesthetics are combined with functional durability to deliver the perfect ambience for a variety of spaces.

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55 products


Alana PendantAlana Pendant
Alana Pendant Price£162.00
Elysium 6-light PendantElysium 6-light Pendant
Everest Triple PendantEverest Triple Pendant
Everest 6-Light PendantEverest 6-Light Pendant
Imogen 6-light PendantImogen 6-light Pendant
Imogen 6-light Pendant PriceFrom £246.00
Houston PendantHouston Pendant
Houston Pendant Price£101.00
Molten Pendant LargeMolten Pendant Large
Molten Pendant Large PriceFrom £123.00
Molten Pendant MediumMolten Pendant Medium
Molten Pendant Medium PriceFrom £88.00
Victoria 5-light PendantVictoria 5-light Pendant
Victoria 7-light PendantVictoria 7-light Pendant
Saturn 4-light PendantSaturn 4-light Pendant
Saturn 6-light PendantSaturn 6-light Pendant
Kiminia 9-light PendantKiminia 9-light Pendant
Kiminia 9-light Pendant PriceFrom £420.00
Estrina PendantEstrina Pendant
Estrina Pendant Price£219.00
Kanata 5-light PendantKanata 5-light Pendant
Kanata 5-light Pendant PriceFrom £196.00
Kanata 6-light PendantKanata 6-light Pendant
Kanata 6-light Pendant PriceFrom £180.00
Kanata PendantKanata Pendant
Kanata Pendant PriceFrom £108.00
Metro PendantMetro Pendant
Metro Pendant Price£50.00
Nordia 9-light PendantNordia 9-light Pendant
Oklahoma 10-light Ring PendantOklahoma 10-light Ring Pendant
Oklahoma 5-light Linear PendantOklahoma 5-light Linear Pendant
Oklahoma 6-light Ring PendantOklahoma 6-light Ring Pendant
Olympia Hammered Pendant SmallOlympia Hammered Pendant Small
Olympia Hammered Pendant MediumOlympia Hammered Pendant Medium