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The Rosarium

Inspired by the quintessential English gardens of the Lewis Carroll era, The Rosarium combines narrative and theatre to deliver an immersive experience.

Interior designer

Faber and Company




The new restaurant from Labyrinth Venues was imagined to sit alongside the world-renowned Olivier-nominated immersive show Alice's Adventures Underground by Les Enfants Terribles.

Fittings supplied

Rattan feature pendants, large-scale private dining pendants, fixed floral table lamps, booth lanterns, parasol pendants and neon feature light.

The brief for The Rosarium was to create a standalone restaurant that is a nod to the world of Alice but without being too overt.

The restaurant's interiors have been imagined and realised by Faber and Company. The design draws from the architecture of the quintessential English gardens of Lewis Carroll's era, where luxury and the surreal blend to create a magical effect. Those commemorating a special occasion can choose from the venue's three dining spaces; the central Glasshouse, the indoor terrace, or for a private dining experience like no other, hide away in The Rosarium's secret garden.  


Northern Lights are no strangers to the world of eccentric interiors. Our designers and fabricators have previously realised the visions of many esteemed interior designers to create weird and wonderful bespoke decorative lighting that enchants guests just as strongly as the interiors. The brief set by Faber Design called for biophilic forms to complement the decorative fauna on show and a range of contemporary and Deco-inspired fixtures to enhance the different areas throughout the venue thematically. 


Beginning in the enchantingly designed Secret Garden, our range of intricate rattan pendants pays homage to the theme of nature that has inspired the area's design. The woven bands that form the outer casing of the pendant house a matt opal globe within, as well as a projector that beams different colours onto floral cut-outs above. All five pendants bring a personal aura to the dining tables beneath them. 


In the immersive Glasshouse, the scope of our large-scale manufacturing capabilities comes to life in the shape of 3-metre-wide feature pendants that eclipse the length of the private dining table. The incredible fixtures comprise a hand-applied medium antique brass frame with four quadrants of matt opal acrylic and a mirror-polished stainless steel central disc. The finished articles are three remarkable pendants encompassing the banquet table with the same effect as an umbrella. Beneath the pendants are three exquisite fixed floral table lamps crafted from an oxide red steel body and complemented by shaped acrylic to form petals. The table lamps have been fitted directly beneath each pendant to reflect their light in the stainless steel mirror.


Elsewhere in The Terrace, various bespoke lighting crafting abilities are apparent as an eclectic mixture of luminaries brings illumination to every inch of the space. Our artisans have created a classically-designed overhanging pendant for each booth that mimics lanterns of a bygone era. The light antique brass & matt black fixtures are complemented by industrial chain links and are accentuated by matt opal glass for a diffused aura. 


Above the individual tables, our outré granite grey & pastel turquoise parasol pendants bring eccentricity to the room. Each pendant is complete with tasselled fringes and matt opal glass globes. Finally, our neon feature light snakes across the ceiling, supported by sixteen hand-finished granite grey loop supports.

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