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The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

The world of hospitality can finally celebrate the opening of The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, a masterpiece of the international design studio 1508 London that has allowed the hotel's original site to prosper in London's Knightsbridge neighbourhood.

Interior designer

1508 London




For a hotel group that shelters the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, an internationally recognised jewel of luxury, the challenges associated with designing other hotels in the portfolio are apparent. However, operating a luxury hotel in London is a different task that requires a sensitive and dynamic approach from concept right through to completion.

Fittings supplied

Entrance wall lights, health club table lamps, swimming pool wall lamps, tea room wall lamps and private dining room feature pendant.

Every nook of the 17-storey building has been redesigned by interior design studio 1508, creating a new foyer and reception, 186 new guestrooms and suites, a new health club and spa with London's largest naturally lit swimming pool, a restaurant, lobby bar and lounge, ballroom and meeting rooms.

The term 'modern classic' springs to mind when entering the building originally designed by Henry End, also responsible for the interiors of the Plaza Hotel in New York. The design team have drawn on the hotel's glamorous heritage and location to create a modern classic with a timeless, refined interior and sense of grandeur.


The design team at Northern Lights were thrilled to realise 1508's vision for the grand hotel, for which the brief required a vast quantity of exquisitely crafted bespoke lighting for numerous public spaces. The scheme utilised many luxurious materials; porcelain, brass, bronze and cut glass. We worked closely with the designers to realise their intricately detailed designs.


Upon entrance to the hotel, guests are greeted by our fixed cylindrical wall lights that have been expertly crafted using fine reeded glass and finished in a bronze lacquer. The frosted acrylic tube within enhances the illuminated effect, providing light that perfectly reflects the finish's surface. Our dark antique brass wall lights in the tea room bring a touch of handcrafted extravagance to the area by displaying hammered brass tubes with delicately soldered joints, complete with a handmade fabric shade.


The destination restaurant offers a sophisticated, welcoming dining experience imbued with all the charms of Italian cuisine, both familiar and luxurious. In the Al Mare private dining room, our incredible 1.8 metre-wide brass pendant is fixed centrally above the main dining table, creating a unique and diverting focal point. This elegant and considered design comprises eight brass arms, each complete with slumped porcelain dishes that provide a warm ambience within the space. The pendant perfectly complements the timeless aesthetic displayed by 1508 in this particular area of the building.


Elsewhere, the hotel's famous health club 'The Peak Fitness Club & Spa' is uncommonly enormous compared to other wellness scenes in other London hotels. Set across three floors, the whole area has been completely redesigned. Our polished brass table lights sit atop several tables and provide a well-considered source of lighting reflected by the brass underside of the shade. A collection of our bronze wall lamps sit flush to the dark wood-panelled walls in the spa lounge. Each one of the lamps is complete with a slumped clear glass shade, housing a frosted LED tube within.


Finally, the pool is London's largest in a hotel with natural daylight. Its bright interior is complemented by views through its double-height glass ceiling, lined with poolside cabanas for relaxation. The pool area is adorned by a number of our bronze wall lamps, each complete with a white and cream fabric shade. The light emitted from each end of the shade is softened by an opal acrylic diffuser.

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