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Boasting a prime location on Great Marlborough Street, SUCRE sees renowned Argentina chef Fernando Trocca bring his outstanding, contemporary style of Latin American cuisine to the city for the first time.

Interior designer





The original SUCRE in Buenos Aires has featured on the Latin American 50 Best Restaurants. Located within an imposing 310-year-old building (formerly the London College of Music), SUCRE's interiors are enough to inspire praise.

Fittings supplied

All cut-glass decanter chandeliers, floor lamps, pendants & wall lamps, cut-glass decanters above the bar and perforated matt black wall lamps.

Photography credit

Carol Sachs

Designed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of STUDIO GLITT (also responsible for ROKA Dubai, Zuma Boston and Hutong Miami), the Japanese architect has transformed what was once the College's high-ceilinged concert hall into an opulent 123-cover eatery with warm tones and washed walls.

One of the main challenges of designing bespoke lighting is manufacturing something that will become the focal point of its setting. Northern Lights continually strive to break these boundaries by utilising quality finishes that complement the designers' interiors. The lighting that we created for SUCRE presented some of our most ambitious and eye-catching designs to date by utilising over a thousand cut-glass decanters and repurposing them into luxuriant and abundant features. 


Running across the length and width of the restaurant's ceiling is a series of spectacular 7-tier chandeliers, all comprising six different styles of hand-cut glass decanters. Seven laser-cut chrome plates have been welded, perforated and formed accordingly to create a funnel-shaped fixture, which holds the decanters in place using munsen clips. All 109 of the chic decanters that make up the central chandeliers transform the light from within the frame into an aura that highlights the cut-glass details whilst bringing a luminous atmosphere that cuts through the rich palette introduced by Noriyoshi Muramatsu and Cotton Thompson Cole. Smaller chandeliers are placed along the outer edges of the restaurant's ceiling, containing 47 decanters per fitting, divided between five tiers.


Throughout the restaurant, our painted dark antique floor lamps bring a more intimate light to the cosy booths that have been upholstered with Latin-inspired fabrics across the furniture – including Aztec patterned chairs and mossy green banquet seating. The hand-finished stem is completed with one of four varying types of cut-glass liquor decanters - the very same used within our chandeliers. The mirrors on the restaurant's walls are symmetrical on both sides of the room, so there is an 'infinity reflection' effect that multiplies the presence of each lamp. This also aids in accentuating the light emitted from each fixture.


Sitting flush to the restaurant's walls are a series of painted dark antique wall sconces that have once again been decorated with a variety of cut-glass liquor decanters. The delicately finished fixtures highlight the intricacy of the wall's hand-carved panelling, which pays homage to the rich history of the building. Matching pendants can be found throughout various nooks, reinforcing this inviting dining venue's attraction as an atmospheric and enticing eatery.

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