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Six by Nico Birmingham

Founded by award-winning Scottish-Italian chef, Nico Simeone, Six by Nico Birmingham is one of ten restaurant locations. Inspiration is taken from the six-legged dragonfly, with each venue showcasing a slightly unique take on the brand identity.

Interior designer

Studio Two Interiors




Earthy, inviting interiors are combined with industrial notes stemming from the city's heritage. Our range of metal finishes were used to reflect the dragonfly-inspired design principles, including the brassey blue-greens of verdigris combined with light antique.

Fittings supplied

Bespoke pendants, bespoke verdigris fin pendants, fixed table lamps, Ophelia wall lights.

Photography credit

Stevie Campbell

The new corporate identity takes its inspiration from the six-legged dragonfly, with interiors incorporating gothic arching, stained glass, and earthy tones paired with the company’s signature pistachio colour.

“Creating layers in schemes through colour, pattern and texture is always on a designer’s priority list, but creating layers through lighting is what elevates projects to another dimension.”  This was the statement accompanying Studio Two Interior’s Instagram post revealing Six by Two’s latest venue in Birmingham. And we couldn’t agree more!


Partnering on yet another great project with the brilliant minds behind the award-winning design practice, we crafted bespoke pendants and table lamps to shine an ambient light on the narrative around Birmingham’s industrial heritage. A striking industrial pendant with beautiful Verdigris-finish fins, LED strips and opal diffuser suspends above diners below, emitting a soft inviting glow encouraging diners to linger for longer – a crucial factor in designing for luxury dining.


Further custom pendants line the ceilings of the reception, bar and booth dining areas. Rustic linen outer fabric is combined with a powder coat on the inner steel framework for a subtle yet effective contrast when viewing from below.  A additional 2.7 metre-long steel pendant in light antique adds to the industrial feel, whilst fixed wood & opal table lamps reflect the earthy tones throughout the design.


The bespoke designs were paired with our Ophelia wall lights, with organic alabaster veining and gentle light diffusion for the perfect mood lighting addition to the dining area.


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