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Mathura is a wonderful new Indian fine-dining restaurant headed by twice Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar. His renowned traditional method of cookery has changed the way that people perceive Indian cuisine in the UK.

Interior designer

Rosendale Design




For this opening, Kochhar has again teamed up with previous collaborator Tina English, the former commercial director of Vivek Singh's Cinnamon Club. The pair previously worked together to open Kanishka in March 2019, a similar swish proposition found in Mayfair.

Fittings supplied

Fixed Caldera table lamps, Maldere pendants, Bresson wall lights and Viola pendants.

Photography credit

Michael Franke

Mathura finds its home inside the former Westminster Fire Station, a Grade-II listed building originally built in 1906.

The restaurant stretches across 5,000 square feet and two floors, consisting of a spacious dining area for 60 people, an open kitchen, a destination bar, two private dining rooms, and a chef's table. It also contains a few nods to its former life, retaining the building's original tiling and firefighter's pole. London-based multidisciplined designers Rosendale Design took on the responsibility of envisioning a traditional setting for Mathura. 


The design team at Northern Lights are well aware of Atul Kochhar's reputation as the first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin Star. They jumped at the chance to design a range of decorative bespoke lighting for his new restaurant. Northern Lights have already forayed into the world of high-end Indian dining in the past, having designed and manufactured a range of stunning bespoke fixtures for Aktar Islam's Opheem in Birmingham.


The flexibility of our Signature Range means that amendments can be made to lamps that allow them to take on new functions, such as table lamps that can instead be fixed to surfaces using amended base designs. This was the case for our striking Caldera table lamps, all of which have been fixed to the sumptuous walnut separation panels throughout the restaurant. Comprised of a rich bronze stem and an opulent ivory alabaster shade, our Caldera table lamps are real statement pieces that radiate organic elegance. The alabaster is naturally translucent, emitting a diffused light when illuminated. Mathura uses both medium and large variations of our Caldera lamps.


At the inviting chef's table area, a private banquet table with seating for up to seven diners is haloed by a trio of our iconic Maldere pendants. Our skilled artisans have taken advantage of this material's extraordinary translucency to create bespoke shades for this hugely popular design. As a result of its natural formation, each piece contains a unique patterning of mineral veins creating variation in the light that passes through it. The trio of pendants further adds to the running theme of beautifully combined rich bronzes with alabaster shades.


The restaurant's walls are traditionally decorated with deep-blue wallpapers that have been etched with Henna-like patterns. The walls are delicately illuminated by several of our well-renowned Bresson wall lamps. The marvellously crafted alabaster shades are paired with backplates and support arms, both finished in old English brass. The wall sconces can be pointed vertically in either direction, making them one of the most versatile fixtures in our Signature Collection.


Rounding off the display of bespoke decorative lighting is a trio of our wonderful Viola pendants above the stairs. Using the shapes of Victorian glass pendants as a starting point for our designs, our artisans abstract them to create something more contemporary. These free-blown fluted glass pendants are displayed with smoked glass, and the design is reminiscent of lighting that would have been popular during the building's initial conception in the early 1900s.

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