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Maria G's Kensington

Renowned Irish chef Robin Gill launched an inviting neighbourhood Italian restaurant in the heart of Kensington in the summer of 2022.

Interior designer

Berkeley Group




Robin's contemporary culinary offering, Maria G's, is in the luxurious Riverstone living facility.

Fittings supplied

Restaurant feature pendant, bar gantry and espresso bar gantry.

Photography credit

Paul Winch-Furness

Located on the ground floor of the spacious development, Maria G's takes inspiration from Italy's wide variety of culinary delights.

Heading the task of creating a luxe interior was Berkeley Group. The London-based holistic place makers are renowned for transforming the most challenging and complex brownfield sites into welcoming and sustainable places with homes, jobs and amenities for all.


The challenge of creating such large-scale bespoke fixtures is only attainable when all of the pieces can be handcrafted and tested within an area that can house such massive fixtures, which is where Northern Lights benefits from using our 38,000 sq. ft. Derbyshire facility. The main feature pendant designed for Maria G's measures a staggering eleven metres in length, spanning the restaurant's ceiling and bringing delicate illumination to every area of the establishment. The impressive installation has been finished with sumptuous brushed antique brass metalwork that houses reeded glass panels for a beautifully translucent light source. The entire fixture is fixed to hand-finished brass sections that are accentuated by the light emitted from the installation.


Elsewhere, our stunning gantry installation provides a touch of elegance to the bar area. The 5.8-metre-long oval fixture comprises a chic light antique brass finish and reeded glass panels that house discreet yet effective  LED strip lighting, providing an unintrusive glow to those gathered around the bar. The tiered rails have been designed and manufactured to be used as shelves for drinks bottles and decorative foliage. 

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