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Lucia Wine Bar & Grill Beverley

A stunning £400,000 makeover has transformed a contemporary bar and restaurant in Beverley.

Interior designer

Studio Two




Lucia Wine Bar & Grill, located in North Bar Within, reopened six weeks after closing at the turn of the New Year for a major refurbishment.

Fittings supplied

Fixed frilled table lamps, floral 3D wall sconces, frilled shade pendants and light antique brass wall lamps.

Photography credit

Society Studios

The restaurant's capacity has also increased due to the refurbishment, creating 12 new staff jobs.

Nestled on a heritage high street, the site offers an incredible Mediterranean experience within the heart of Beverley. A hidden courtyard takes centre stage of the space, offering an all-year-round alfresco dining experience. Studio Two introduced romantic fabrics combined with intricate joinery details to add a sense of style and intrigue, whilst deep colours add depth to the space, creating an inviting customer experience.


The Beverley venue is the second instalment of the Yorkshire-based independent chain that Northern Lights has designed and manufactured bespoke decorative lighting for, following our sitewide efforts for the Harrogate venue in 2020. Our designers were tasked with meeting the brief set by Studio Two that called for a mixture of classic and contemporary fittings that breathe the essence of springtime opulence and emit the aesthetic of floral arrangements that are so commonly found within traditional Italian eateries.


Rustic exposed brick walls are adorned with our lacquered light antique brass wall lamps, enhanced by hand-applied fabric panel inlays that bear intriguing geometric patterns. The gorgeously laser-cut fabricated brass shade is accentuated by the glow emitted from within. The shade is connected to a handcrafted elbow joint to allow flexibility of the lamp's intended direction.


Within the restaurant, the booth seating areas are built into wooden cladding that houses our fixed light brass table lamps. Gorgeous hand-cut sloped shades are kept in place by elegant brass finials. Decorative tassels emphasise the semi-transparent gamboge Lelievre shades, intended to provide guests with a homely sense.


Several areas of the restaurant are highlighted beautifully by our pristinely hand-cut frilled shades, each one emphasised by a graceful gold inner lining. The shades are matched perfectly with light antique accents on the lamp's metalwork.


Finally, we pay homage to the botanical theme running throughout the venue with our flower-inspired wall sconce. The 3D-elevated laser-cut fixture comprises stacked, light antique brass plates that house a threaded glass globe.

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