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GAIA continues its international expansion bringing Greek-Mediterranean dining to the heart of Mayfair.

Interior designer

First Within




First established in Dubai, GAIA now boats venues across Doha and Monte Carlo, with more to follow in cosmopolitan cities across the globe.

Fittings supplied

Bespoke globe ceiling light and matching single and multi-globe pendants, dome table lamp, fabric shade wall light, tassel trim wall light.

Photography credit

Michael Franke

GAIA’s effortless blend of humble tradition and beautiful simplicity is brought to life throughout its fusion menus and Grecian interior.

Interior design studio First Within were tasked with designing interiors to reflect GAIA’s core principles, evident throughout each of their venues.  The space exudes the warm hospitality authentic to Greek culture.  Simplicity collides with luxury in every detail, blending history with contemporary design principles to reflect the understated beauty of Greece.  Domed arches, muted colour palettes and Hellenistic statues are offset by azure blue furnishings and contemporary statement lighting.


Creating an inviting glow for diners, our custom pendants offer a sense of refined beauty and tranquillity.  Opal matt globes, arranged in descending layers, spill soft pools of light for gentle and considered illumination, whilst the polished chrome finish subtly reflects the light back from the metal frame.


A large, branched ceiling light with intricate metal framework is hand-finished in our exquisite antique brass.  The design houses fifty-four matt opal globes to draw focus to chefs preparing their fresh ingredients below, and complements the pendant lights dotted throughout the rest of the venue.


A domed metal shade table lamp with curved silhouette showcases a luxurious alabaster shade with soft natural stone veining; exquisitely formed and reflective of traditional Grecian interiors.


Celebrating craft and simplicity, our custom wall lights range from polished steel with natural fabric shade, to an ivory alabaster cone with smoked glass, brass detailing and tassel trim.

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