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Chelsea Penthouse

Whilst remaining contemporary, fun twists come from the vibrant bursts of colour and pattern on the upholstery and brass details throughout this wonderful private residence.

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The luxury properties of London combine quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship in contemporary interpretations.

Fittings supplied

Bespoke Alabaster Atrium Lighting, Overhead Dining Room Pendant and Bedside Pendants

Chelsea's eye-catching homes are no exception as they draw inspiration from the colourful history that has surrounded their foundations for hundreds of years.

Atellior's inspiration behind this spectacular penthouse's interior scheme recalls London's iconic 60s aesthetic. Located in the heart of the Capital, it was an epicentre for fashion and trendsetting during the 1960s.  Atellior's concept emphasises the areas exciting and unique history, exploring colour, pattern and vibrancy in all aspects of the interior design.


Quirky and sophisticated furniture enveloped with luxurious detailing is inspired by and refers to this 60’s design period. Whilst remaining contemporary, fun twists come from the vibrant bursts of colour and pattern on the upholstery and brass details throughout. Almost all the furnishings, including the lighting, are custom-made by British artisans.


Northern Lights were honoured to accept Atellior's enticing brief. The challenges involved with crafting such intricate statement pieces are typically enough to keep our designers and artisans stimulated whilst considering the myriad in-house options we have to realise the form and details.


When first entering the penthouse, the attention is instantaneously drawn by the stunning bespoke pendant light consisting of a cluster of illuminated ivory alabaster discs suspended from antique brushed brass rings and rods. This highlights the scale of the area and height of the hallway atrium. Each disc contains a different stone pattern and vein effect meaning each stone is entirely bespoke and unique.


Above the dining table is another cleverly specified bespoke lighting design. Circular and semi-circular frosted glass discs are suspended from brass arms, in one of our bespoke brass finishes, that spur off in several directions to cover the surface area of the table below. The suspension is connected to a handcrafted box containing several downlighters, each projecting light onto the rich brass and glass detail below.


Our expertly crafted bedside lamps realise another stunning Atellior design in the bedrooms that gives their users full control over the drop without compromising the fitting. The handblown smoke glass shades are suspended by a length of flex threaded through a roller and combined with a counterweight. The addition of the counterweight allows the lamp to be raised or lowered at the user's convenience.

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