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Boxx Creative Studio

Boxx Creative was established in 2017 by Nicola Lindsell and Nicola Keenan. They joined forces to combine their talents and expertise to provide clients within hospitality, leisure, residential and workplace, a one-stop shop for creative services.

Interior designer

Boxx Creative




They re-used as much of the existing build materials in the space as possible - wooden batons, planks and boards in an existing stud wall and dropped ceiling were re-fashioned into shelving for all of their samples, their meeting table and shelving in their kitchenette as well as their pinboards which were later upholstered in sustainable Camira fabric.

Fittings supplied

Luna pendants and Celeste Chandelier.

Boxx Creative designed their entire space using their sustainable principles, showing that being conscious of design decisions can be achieved not just in the home but also in office spaces.

Northern Lights were delighted to work with Boxx Creative and provide sustainable lighting solutions for their studio. We share very similar values regarding sustainability as our first choice is always to manufacture our products in the UK. This is a large entity of our business, and it sets a tone for our proud heritage that has been developed for over thirty years. Raw component sourcing in the UK is always a primary choice for our company as we aim to make bespoke lighting manufacture as sustainable as possible.  


Above the studio's meeting table are three sets of our bespoke Luna pendants, which combine gorgeous hand-cut ivory alabaster with Old English Brass details. The versatility of the pendants allows for various compositions, and in this instance, they play off the well-arranged light hues displayed throughout the plan. The beautifully bright ivory veins displayed by the natural alabaster stone complement the rustic wicker wall ornament, as well as the stone-coloured mood boards that adorn the walls.  


Elsewhere, our spectacular Celeste chandelier acts as a focal point above a stunning marble table. The hand-finished Georgian Brass stems are crowned by intricately blown glass orbs, all of which are haloed by precisely-shaped brass rings. The contemporary design of our Celeste chandelier adds further character to this charming section of the office space without turning attention away from the delicately applied details, courtesy of Hayward Construction.  


The Boxx Creative studio is a stunning example of how we can create working and leisure environments using sustainable materials that are responsibly sourced and all play our part in caring for our planet.

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