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Bespoke Made to Order Chandeliers

Drawing on our decades of expertise crafting bespoke chandeliers for prestigious clients, our made to order collection celebrates the precision techniques and custom finishes we’re renowned for. Using exquisite raw materials including glass, crystal, alabaster and brass, we combine beautiful aesthetics with timeless appeal and durability.

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Chiltern ChandelierChiltern Chandelier
Chiltern Chandelier Price£2,778.00
Delaunay ChandelierDelaunay Chandelier
Delaunay Chandelier Price£2,274.00
Evie ChandelierEvie Chandelier
Evie Chandelier Price£2,246.00
Monier ChandelierMonier Chandelier
Monier Chandelier Price£4,267.00
Roker 6-Arm ChandelierRoker 6-Arm Chandelier
Roker 6-Arm Chandelier Price£1,186.00
Aurelia ChandelierAurelia Chandelier
Aurelia Chandelier Price£2,675.00
Aurelia Chandelier TasselAurelia Chandelier Tassel
Hoffman ChandelierHoffman Chandelier
Hoffman Chandelier Price£1,720.00
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier Price£1,221.00
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier Price£1,866.00
Dirand 8-Arm ChandelierDirand 8-Arm Chandelier
Dirand 8-Arm Chandelier Price£4,131.00
Dirand 12-Arm ChandelierDirand 12-Arm Chandelier
Dirand 12-Arm Chandelier Price£6,474.00
Solti 12-Arm ChandelierSolti 12-Arm Chandelier
Solti 12-Arm Chandelier Price£3,583.00
Solti 8-Arm ChandelierSolti 8-Arm Chandelier
Solti 8-Arm Chandelier Price£2,611.00
Celeste ChandelierCeleste Chandelier
Celeste Chandelier Price£5,087.00
Atwell ChandelierAtwell Chandelier
Atwell Chandelier Price£2,814.00
Castro 4-Arm ChandelierCastro 4-Arm Chandelier
Castro 4-Arm Chandelier Price£1,918.00
Gainsborough ChandelierGainsborough Chandelier
Gainsborough Chandelier Price£2,948.00
Genoa ChandelierGenoa Chandelier
Genoa Chandelier Price£3,579.00
Calvert 12-Arm ChandelierCalvert 12-Arm Chandelier
Lowell ChandelierLowell Chandelier
Lowell Chandelier Price£3,384.00
Maldere ChandelierMaldere Chandelier
Maldere Chandelier Price£1,947.00
Limberg ChandelierLimberg Chandelier
Limberg Chandelier PriceFrom £1,931.00
Racine ChandelierRacine Chandelier
Racine Chandelier Price£2,623.00