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Contemporary Chandeliers

Transform your space with timeless and contemporary chandeliers. Each piece celebrates refined luxury to bring beautifully balanced ambient light to any interior.  Modern ring designs add contemporary minimalism, while exquisite metal and classic crystal variations create a dramatic focal point for luxury interiors.

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45 products


Evie ChandelierEvie Chandelier
Evie Chandelier Price£2,246.00
Gainsborough ChandelierGainsborough Chandelier
Gainsborough Chandelier Price£2,948.00
Genoa ChandelierGenoa Chandelier
Genoa Chandelier Price£3,579.00
Hoffman ChandelierHoffman Chandelier
Hoffman Chandelier Price£1,720.00
Lowell ChandelierLowell Chandelier
Lowell Chandelier Price£3,384.00
Maldere ChandelierMaldere Chandelier
Maldere Chandelier Price£1,947.00
Monier ChandelierMonier Chandelier
Monier Chandelier Price£4,267.00
Chiltern ChandelierChiltern Chandelier
Chiltern Chandelier Price£2,778.00
Olympia 6-light ChandelierOlympia 6-light Chandelier
Olympia 6-light Chandelier PriceFrom £169.00
Roker 6-Arm ChandelierRoker 6-Arm Chandelier
Roker 6-Arm Chandelier Price£1,186.00
Toulouse 12-Light ChandelierToulouse 12-Light Chandelier
Toulouse 13-Light ChandelierToulouse 13-Light Chandelier
Toulouse Linear ChandelierToulouse Linear Chandelier
Nola 4-Arm ChandelierNola 4-Arm Chandelier
Nola 4-Arm Chandelier Price£1,544.00
Aurelia ChandelierAurelia Chandelier
Aurelia Chandelier Price£2,675.00
Aurelia Chandelier TasselAurelia Chandelier Tassel
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 4-Arm Chandelier Price£1,221.00
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier
Bartok 6-Arm Chandelier Price£1,866.00
Dirand 12-Arm ChandelierDirand 12-Arm Chandelier
Dirand 12-Arm Chandelier Price£6,474.00
Dirand 8-Arm ChandelierDirand 8-Arm Chandelier
Dirand 8-Arm Chandelier Price£4,131.00
Nola 6-Arm ChandelierNola 6-Arm Chandelier
Nola 6-Arm Chandelier Price£2,247.00
Solti 12-Arm ChandelierSolti 12-Arm Chandelier
Solti 12-Arm Chandelier Price£3,583.00
Solti 8-Arm ChandelierSolti 8-Arm Chandelier
Solti 8-Arm Chandelier Price£2,611.00
Atwell ChandelierAtwell Chandelier
Atwell Chandelier Price£2,814.00