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Article: Rechargeable Lamps - FAQs

Rechargeable Lamps - FAQs

Portable illumination – the ultimate in flexible lighting design.

Sitting within our made-to-order Signature Collection, our rechargeable lamps are challenging conventional methods in which interior designers can illuminate spaces within their design visions. The range has been shortlisted for The Brit List Awards under the Best in British Product Design category in recognition of its hybrid approach, combining luxury design principles, British craftsmanship and luxury materials with next-gen LED rechargeable technology. 

What is rechargeable lighting? 

Our rechargeable lighting solution uses a removable LED component instead of a traditional light bulb. The LED component can be easily removed, charged and reinserted into the lamp. LEDs require fewer watts to generate a high lumen output, turning up to 70% of the electricity used into light rather than heat. This prevents fading and heat damage to the shade and the surrounding décor whilst giving better output efficiency and is considered a more sustainable choice.   

How many setting modes are there? 

You can choose from full brightness, half brightness and flicker modes to create an interchangeable ambience in any setting. 

How do your cordless LED lamps charge? 

The LED component is removed from the lamp and inserted into a tray for charging. The trays are modular; each tray can charge three lights and be linked together for volume charging. 

How long does each charge last? 

Each LED lamp component can be charged in 8-10 hours. Once fully charged, their output varies depending on the mode selected. Each charge produces up to 12 hours of illumination on full brightness and 26 hours on half brightness mode. 

How are they operated? 

There are no mains or visible switches in sight; their smart control operation is via a wireless remote, which can operate multiple lights simultaneously. This makes it easy for lamps to be switched on or off in unison in one simple click, saving time and energy. 



What are the benefits to interior designers of rechargeable lighting? 

Interior designers and hoteliers can easily light unconventional and even awkward spaces to build ambience in the most creative ways. Our cordless lamps offer the ultimate in portable versatility. Because the sleek, wire-free design can be placed almost anywhere, irrespective of where plug sockets and wiring are located. They allow awkward or unusual spaces to be effectively lit without the typical constraints of wires and electrical point location. From restaurant table lighting, tops of bar areas and hotel desks to illuminating bookshelves, side tables, entrances and hallways – all without unsightly wires showing. Their flexibility also means they can adapt and change as the needs or the design of the spaces change, as they can be moved freely with ease, allowing the best possible illumination and ambience. 

Are they suitable for outdoor use? 

Rechargeable outdoor lighting is achievable with IP44 rated designs.  We have 8 designs in our range that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; Ebury, Aster,  Balfour, BradburyCalloway, Hewell, Bromell & Mayer.  These designs combine LED technology with an IP44 weatherproof rating with a solid metal brass dome shade, making it the ultimate weatherproof lamp. This is great for connecting interior and exterior spaces through ambient lighting. With its deco-style influence, the Ebury combines turned and spun brass with richly veined ivory alabaster. The domed old English brass shade perfectly complements the natural alabaster, and the combination oozes luxury. 

Where are your cordless lamps made? 

As with all our Signature Collection lighting, each piece is made to order and handcrafted by our artisans in Derbyshire and benefits from the official Made in Britain license mark. 

How many cordless lamps do you offer? 

Currently, there are twenty-two unique table lamps in our rechargeable lighting range that champion the ultimate in portable, flexible decorative lighting. As demand grows, we are constantly developing new designs to add to our collection.

What materials are used? 

Each of the designs features either a brass base that can be finished in any of Northern Lights' bespoke brass patinas, opulent ivory alabaster or black granite. Shades range from solid old English brass and stunning veined alabaster to linen and pleated cotton drums and empires in various simple, elegant colours to complement any interior scheme.   

Can the technology be used for bespoke projects? 

Yes, our rechargeable LED technology can be applied to bespoke projects. Our team of UK lighting designers can turn your creative visions into reality through our bespoke lighting design service. 

How can I order? 

View our rechargeable lamp collection here. To discuss your project and get a quote, please visit our Contact Us page.