The Crypt Shop, St Paul’s Cathedral

Interior Designer


Light fittings supplied

Corona pendants

As part of a refurbishment programme in 2016, we have supplied four Corona pendants for the Crypt Shop at St Paul’s Cathedral, which were jointed designed with London-based design consultancy lustedgreen and manufactured in our Chesterfield factory. 

The interior developed by lustedgreen features contemporary display units against a backdrop of a high vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. The concept was to create a comfortable, modern and easy to navigate environment for the visitors, whilst at the same time blending it in with the rich history and aesthetic heritage of one of the world’s greatest buildings.

The Corona pendants are strategically placed above the display tanks, illuminating the key merchandise. Measuring 1.5m in diameter, they were constructed from mild steel panels to form a simple circular shape. With a bespoke powder coat lacquered bronze finish, the pendants provide the required echoes of the past and also have a subtle yet distinctive modern flair.

The main illumination from the LED downlights is complemented by the gentle glow from LED strips placed around the middle section of the pendant, creating a stunning layered visual effect.

Photography: Graham Lacdao