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The newly opened nhow London is located in the thriving area between Hoxton, Islington and Shoreditch.

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nhow Hotel London

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Project Orange

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Glass reception table

nhow London’s 190 brand-new rooms set over eight floors are designed to combine traditional British icons with unconventional contemporary style, and the hotel pays homage to both the area’s industrial past and technological future.



Most rooms have a view over the street or the hotel’s courtyard, and others offer additional privacy via frosted windows.

Northern Lights were approached by Project Orange and K&J solutions to review their idea for a glass reception table that was a welcoming centrepiece to the entrance of the nhow Hotel project. As a constant stream of physical interaction was inevitable; the right material choice was critical. We reviewed many materials which gave excellent optical transparency; clear acrylic and cut-glass beads to the more robust non-transparent tarnished sheet steel. 


Neither option was suitable as the client wanted a design that didn’t baffle the surrounding space & had to endure many levels of heavy interaction; therefore, we opted for low iron, bevelled, tempered glass. Coupled with the clear glass top, we used contrasting tempered frosted fluted glass sheet that would wrap both the tabletop & table base. The frosted fluted glass used with well-positioned LED strips gave uniform spread of light all over the visible table surfaces, allowing the design to be a suitable option for a lobby entrance centrepiece, without it causing any discomfort from direct illumination.


A distressed steel finish was required for all visible structural elements of this design, meaning the finish would need to extend internally to the surrounding glass panels as well as all external surfaces. An acid solution was carefully applied to all steel surfaces and monitored to achieve the desired tarnish level, without taking it too far and risking the table looking highly industrial. Oxidisation of the metal in our process softens the patina with yellow ochre, and warm umbers revealed in the acid reaction with the metal base.


As the bespoke tempered glass was a critical feature of this table, accuracy for the surrounding structure was paramount. Therefore, we designed each panel to be laser cut and work as a jigsaw piece. Each piece slotting together with ease using tags laser cut into each connecting face. This ensured accurate construction with minimal tolerance, allowing the bespoke glass top to slot seamlessly into position.


The table was sectioned into two main components; the large octagonal tabletop & the smaller octagonal base. This was due to the overall weight being quite heavy, allowing handling each piece during manufacture and installation to be comfortable and safe. The collective weight of the table also meant that it could be self-supporting without the need for mechanical fixing to the ground. However, as the electrical connection was to be routed from the table base, we ensured that some mechanical connections were available for safety if required.


A strip of LED mounted inside a lightweight aluminium channel was set back from each fluted glass facet to ensure a uniform glow to the piece.


This striking table and light design perfectly demonstrate our bespoke decorative lighting and manufacturing capabilities and how we can realise all concepts working closely with designers. This applies to pure lighting or decorative pieces that can incorporate lighting from tables to bar gantries and screens.

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