Izel, Conrad Dubai

Feature pendants in Latin American high-end restaurant within the Hotel.

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Izel, Conrad Dubai

Izel, Conrad Dubai

Interior Designer

WA International

Fittings Supplied

Bespoke Laser-Cut Domes

Using the bespoke manufacturing facilities and skills they are renowned for, Northern Lights fabricated these incredible feature chandeliers.



  • Izel, Conrad Dubai
  • Izel, Conrad Dubai

Working closely with WA International in developing their concept and beautiful fretwork patterns required to create the domes, Northern Lights were able to resolve this engineering task in their UK bespoke lighting factory.

Izel, Conrad Dubai

When MBDS were designing the interiors for Jamie's international locations, they asked Northern Lights to work with them in delivering bespoke lighting solutions.

Izel, Conrad DubaiIzel, Conrad Dubai

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