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Light fittings supplied

Decorative lighting scheme

ZAAP’s vision is to replicate a Bangkok street market exactly as it is – the flavour, the aromas, the sound, the sights,the excitement. Not only are there tuktuks-the tuktuks double as dining booths. The boxer shorts and t-shirts are an instant attention grabber. The flashing neon lights warn the passing traffic. In Nottingham, the mock train tracks lead to a real size train cabin, telling the story of how commuters take a break and enjoy taking sustenance at the famous Maeklong Station.

Maybe surprisingly, not everything looks like it was born in Bangkok Central. The Northern Lights standard catalogues were raided for some items from closer to home. From old station ceiling lights to spun pendants, we re-finished the fittings in antique brass to mirror the well-worn finish of the vintage style furniture and to complement the giant industrial style pendants. Ribbed glass pendants with metal trim in an antique finish were installed above the travel trunks which double as bench seating - obviously evoking the genuine atmosphere of a busy Far Eastern train station.

Working with the designer, we manufactured a range of bespoke ceiling features. Bird cage pendants with colourful fabric cylinder shades and mesh tube hang alongside the swag ceiling lights which feature glass shades and recycled tin cans.  The dynamic mix blends  seamlessly with the colourful bunting and t-shirt display.

And how can you re-create a Bangkok street without flashing advertising hoardings?You can’t, so flashing advertising hoardings it had to be! The light boxes were constructed from metal frames with acrylic panels. They are lit by 7w LEDs – maybe the only contemporary element in the interior!