Tivoli Cinema

Interior Designer

Run For The Hills

Photographed by Philip Durrant and Will Pascall.

Tivoli is an exciting new breed of boutique cinema, designed by Run for the Hills - a fantastic screening venue which is also a high-end social and dining destination in its own right. Northern Lights collaborated with the studio’s interiors team to manufacture and supply a number of bespoke lighting designs. The light fixtures beautifully complemented the eclectic interior of Tivoli, featuring natural petal and leaf motifs, adding table, wall and pendant light pieces for the boutique cinema’s lounge area as well as within the screening rooms.

Anna Burles, Creative Director, at Run For The Hills says:

“We wanted to create a journey with the lighting at Tivoli, so upon entering the building, the lobby space was designed to be moody and dark, with a premium feel. Walking up the stairs we wanted people to be hit with natural light, so we placed mirrors up the staircase to reflect the large windows running the full length of the first floor where the bar, lounge and dining areas live. Whilst having lots of natural light in the daytime, in the dusky evening hours the lighting was designed to drop very low and warm, with pools of light zoning cosy tables and corner nooks. The lighting in these areas easily translates from day to night, which was a key element in the brief. Corridors drop very darkly to create a sense of excitement when heading to the screening room studios from the main space. The studios themselves have a very boutique-feel, with velvet sofas and single armchairs each with their own table and delicate lamp to keep lighting low and cosy.”

The stunning light features that we created comprise of wall lights, pendants and table lamps using a variety of finishes and materials including blackened steel, rich bronze and soft opal acrylic. The lights can be located throughout the majority of the cinema's interior, mainly featuring within the bar and screening room.