The Orient Jerusalem

Interior Designer

HBA London

Light fittings supplied

Light fittings for the public areas and the presidential suite

Northern lights were asked to develop and manufacture all the light fittings for the public areas and the presidential suite for the newly opened Orient. HBA’s design brief was clear from the start; the light fittings needed to be high quality, contemporary and complementing of the natural Jerusalem stone that is so prominent in the area.

The screen light embodies all these core principles. The framework was created to give a definitive boundary in the bar area while allowing visitors to look through the space and take in all the different elements. The ‘random’ layout was meticulously designed to give an even coverage of light and density. The client challenged us to make these large screens with very small tolerances, leaving the contractor with very little work to do when the fittings arrived on site. All fixings were hidden to make the frame as minimal and seamless as possible. We even went to the length of developing a unique hand-hammered finish that gave character, texture and depth when viewed up close.

Other standout fittings in the bar included the central chandeliers. Made from a series of lightweight translucent French crochet curtains with a delicate drop, they have an elegant flowing movement sympathetic to the space they inhabit. 

The chandelier over the main stairwell was another piece that needed to have presence without being overpowering. The client wanted the design to focus on the details such as gold-leaf caps on the glass shades and the extra loops of flex to fill empty space. We attended site to help oversee the installation of this fitting due to the complicated location and fixing points. 

With so many natural and quality materials on show, our continuing focus was developing finishes that would complement the rest of the interior scheme and showcase the original designs by HBA.

Photography: HBA and Thomas Andersen