Premier Inn Kings Cross

Interior Designer

JSJ Design

Light fittings supplied

Decorative lighting for the public areas

Northern Lights have developed and supplied decorative lighting solutions to Premier Inn/Whitbread for over 20 years. JSJ has been a big part of this process, often challenging us with unique briefs to constantly develop the Premier Inn brand. Premier Inn Kings Cross is in a prime location where there is fierce competition from other hotels. Consequently, all the fittings were designed to instantly grab attention and impress the guests.

A stunning large-scale feature installation that could be viewed from the main entrance was high on the design priority list - especially in an age where every hotel and restaurant needs something that is ‘grammable’. Above the lobby lifts in the main atrium is the feature chandelier with a staggering 7m drop. It is compromised of thousands of laser cut stainless steel stars, each hand-rolled to create an individual look. High output RGB LED allowed us to light down to the bottom of the feature whilst giving the flexibility of changing colour scenes.

The tall atrium space meant that there was a risk of it feeling cold and empty. However, filling the floor space with soft furnishings and bringing the ‘oversized’ bespoke lighting right down to a low level, JSJ created a warm, welcoming and relaxing space. Because of the low height of the decorative lighting, a high quality finish was vital. We worked with JSJ to create a finish that complemented the other tones used in the area.

The two large ring features were a real challenge as the extension on the arm support resulted in potential stress points. We used our on-site manufacturing capabilities to test, prototype and quickly come up with a solution that allowed the client to suspend the rings without the need for excessive ceiling drops.

Photography: Julian Abrams