Platinum Mall, Intu Metrocentre

Interior Designer

Leach Rhodes Walker Architects

Light fittings supplied

Heart of a thousand crystals chandelier, two-tier crystal shard chandelier, colour changing LED column flutes

Since 2013 Northern Lights has worked with Leach Rhodes Walker Architects to develop a series of lighting features including chandeliers, pendants and column capital lights for the newly refurbished Platinum Mall at intu Metrocentre, Gateshead. 

Heart of a thousand crystals chandelier

Central to the scheme is the 'Heart of A Thousand Crystals' chandelier – a heart-shaped chandelier formed from more than a thousand individual crystal hearts. 6m wide and 4m high, this giant heart is not only a spectacular feature, but also at the centre of intu Metrocentre's campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund.

A key challenge of this project was to ensure the vast number of individual crystals would accurately form the requested dynamic 3D heart shape. To achieve this Northern Lights custom made the individual heart samples and worked closely with the crystal supplier to ensure each crystal was identical to the next. The accurate hanging position of each crystal was carefully calculated by our designers using 3D CAD software. We also designed and manufactured the ceiling plate to support the total weight of more than 300kg.

Two-tier ‘Shard’ chandeliers

The 'shard' chandelier is a modern contemporary design which creates a dramatic presence within the Platinum Mall. The core material elements of the chandelier are polished stainless steel and optically clear acrylic which accentuate the light emitting from the LED downlight modules. These create an evolving myriad of reflections as the visitor walks under the chandelier.

Colour changing Column Flute

The most complex element of the colour changing column flute was to get the shape of the plastic flute correct. Instead of being straight sided, a more refined curved shape was specified by the designer to reflect the elegant and sophisticated nature of the architecture. Our designers worked closely with our plastic fabricator to produce the shape accurately. The colour changing element was made possible using OSRAM LinearLight Colourmix Flex with Optotronic LED drivers.