The Alton Towers Hotel

Interior Designer

Merlin Studios / Allison Pike Design Partnership

Light fittings supplied

steam punk inspired bespoke light fittings for Moon Voyage rooms

Allison Pike approached Northern Lights early in 2013 to produce Steampunk themed light fittings for a room refurbishment at Alton Towers in anticipation of the new ride, “The Moon Voyager”.

We were initially supplied with room visuals and Steampunk-style inspirational images in order to understand the artistic direction. Budgets were discussed and stock fittings from our traditional catalogue were chosen as the starting point on which to base the design.

Our designers absorbed the inspirational images, producing design proposals with elaborate detail and finishes. They transformed our standard fittings into themed features to complement the room styling. We suggested a combination of finishes to give the impression of ‘put-together’ mechanical components and we used electrical conduit fittings and standard castings to route light fittings together. We also proposed re-finishing a number of lights with limited budgets to ensure they suited the room style. 

Even when lighting is not the main concern, we still take on challenges that you may think were outside our remit. We were able to supply a ‘TV feature’: a large wall panel with just 2 small light fittings to route wiring from a plug socket to the TV. This was purely decorative; the main attraction was the frame and the conduit route combination in antique brass with powder-coated bronze and antique. We laser cut cog detail fretwork to fit around the switch panel and used re-finished pneumatic valve fittings to add detail.