Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay

Interior Designer

ara Design International

Light fittings supplied

The complete decorative lighting scheme to the public areas and bedrooms

The Mövenpick concept is to provide customers with luxury and relaxation in a unique contemporary setting. Working closely with ara Design from design to installation, Northern Lights developed and sourced a series of light fittings to deliver the vision and the best value to the client. One of the most impressive fittings is the glass ball pendant in the terrace bar. This fitting is 2.5m long with striking red and yellow glass balls and it creates a sensational focal point.

A pendant is an excellent way to make a statement in a public area. It is so flexible in terms of style, materials, light source and cost that it can complement different interior themes and suit every budget. Illustrated are some of the pendants in the hotel restaurants and meeting areas.

In the bedrooms the pebble table lamps create a natural soft feel.