Jamie’s Italian Aker Brygge

Interior Designer

Kontor & Interior AS

Light fittings supplied

Bespoke decorative lighting

Jamie Oliver’s new Oslo restaurant is situated at a prominent position in the trendy and popular Aker Brygge area.

Combining natural textures and clean-lined furniture with a palette of earthy colours, designers from Kontor & Interior infuse the brand’s signature rustic Italian neighbourhood style with a fresh laid-back Scandi flavour. 

Working with Kontor & Interior, Northern Lights has developed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke fittings for the site. From stunning chandeliers to vintage industrial pendants, the eclectic range helps to create the warm and inviting ambience as well as additional elements of drama to the space.

Bespoke chandeliers are always a stand-out feature in the interior schemes of Jamie’s Italian. Aker Brygge is no exception. The stunning two-tier chandeliers feature rectangular clear-cut glass block strings suspended on circular laser-cut frames. The frames were hand-finished in our factory to achieve the special tarnished look. The sleek silhouette works in harmony with the minimalist style furniture whilst the dazzling refractions of light adds a touch of glamour.

Industrial pendants are another staple in Jamie’s Italian’s design. In Aker Brygge, the interior designers specified a mixture of vintage railway lamps and contemporary style spun shades with rich contrasting colours. Adding to the dynamic are groups of glass globe pendants. Continuing the ‘mix and match’ approach, the designers used both smoked glass balls and ribbed glass to achieve a balance between modern sophistication and old-world charm.

Illuminating the pizza making area is a row of medium-sized industrial pendants complemented by a few cage pendants. The gentle glow enhances the homely feeling around the live cooking corner.

To complete the decorative lighting scheme, Northern Lights also supplied other decorative and functional light fittings including clip wall lights and picture lights. All metal work was hand-finished in our factory to produce the bespoke brushed brass finish required by the project.

Photography: Courtesy of Jamie's Italian