Hilton Puckrup Hall

Interior Designer

Central Design Studio

We were delighted to work with Central Design Studio in realising their design concepts on this project.

A Grade II listed building near the Cotswolds, the aim at Puckrup Hall was to create a restaurant and bar with a modern, British feel. Central Design Studio’s inspiration was drawn from the colours and textures of the nearby countryside, coupled with a contemporary take on the warmth, comfort and welcome of a well-appointed country house.

Using warm brass finishes and reeded glass to soften the diffused light, we created two different pendant designs for the restaurant.

Large circular pendants constructed from rolled metal frames with welded detailing to hold the slumped reeded glass were interspersed over the central dining spaces to create a strong focal point within the main room. The ambience is warm and inviting, helped using linen diffusers, so there is no direct light source over the tables.

Finished with a soft brushed antique brass effect the Art Deco influences work beautifully with the original features in this elegant and considered space by Central Design.

The second fitting is a variation of the large circular pendants and is comprised of six smaller circular drums also using slumped reeded glass and finished with the same attention to detail to perfectly complement the larger design.

Our skilled inhouse artisans and fabricators can realise a multitude of similar designs. Our facilities enable us to provide solutions for a diverse range of designs.

Please contact our sales and design teams and we will be delighted to help realise your visions.