Hickory’s Smokehouse

Interior Designer

Keane Brands

Light fittings supplied

The complete decorative lighting scheme

Hickory’s Smokehouse is a Southern-inspired American BBQ restaurant chain. With its own pit and smoke master in every restaurant, the brand has established an enviable reputation of providing authentic sumptuous soul food in the true Deep South style. Following five highly successful restaurants, the latest venue opened in Castle Bromwich.

Using warm colours with layers of different textures accentuated by quirky accessories throughout the venue, brand and interior consultancy Keane Brands created a place full of character and charm with unexpected twists. Continuing our collaboration with Keane Brands, we once again supplied an eclectic range of light fittings for the venue. Many bespoke features were developed to enhance the unique atmosphere. Filament lamps were used to generate the inviting and relaxing ambiance. 

A standout feature is a two-tier pendant made from recycled bicycle wheels and old American car license plates. Using bike rims as frames decorated with number plates from the various states with their quirky branding, the pendant creates a feeling of nostalgic adventure. The pendant is suspended by chunky metal chains in a bespoke rustic finish and completed with antique lamp holders. The filament lamps create a warm vintage glow.

In the centre of a giant canopy in part of the dining area is a large bespoke pendant combining a metal frame with exquisite stained-glass panels and detailing made in our factory using traditional stain glass methods. The glass panels are illuminated from inside, casting beautiful light spill and patterns. 12 squirrel cage filament lamps are installed around the outside frame, adding a more contemporary industrial style against a background dominated by vintage wallpaper, Chesterfield sofas, and dark wooden flooring.

Contrasting with the stained-glass windows, a group of ribbed glass shades are suspended from a rectangular metal frame in blackened steel which again injects a modern element in the interior. Outside on the terrace, the minimalist swag lights help to create a laid-back relaxing vibe typical to those in the Southern States.

To complement the dynamic and vibrant interior, the lighting scheme also incorporates many other pendants in a range of styles and an eclectic mix of table lamps and wall lights.