Interior Designer

Keane Brands

Light fittings supplied

Quirky lighting solutions including tube lighting and glass sphere globe lights

A historic Victorian stable block in Camden has been transformed into an all day and late-night Latin-inspired bar and restaurant. Keane brands have designed an eclectic and colourful scheme reflecting the energy and vibe of this busy and buzzing restaurant. Northern Lights have worked closely with Keane brands to realise eye-catching and quirky lighting solutions for the space.

Neon effect tube lights create sleek strong pops of colour over the central line of heavy wood tables which contrast with the exposed brickwork, rusty ironwork and rough wooden beams of the interior.

Glass sphere globe lights add a calmer accent to the smaller bar area on the upper level and complement rather than detract from the neon pink flamingo.

Opal clusters of tube lights illuminate the bar space creating feature pendants that again contrast strongly with their rustic surroundings but to great effect.

Photography courtesy of Keane Brands.