Dirty Martini, The City

Interior Designer

Interior design: Grapes Design

Light fittings supplied

Copper mesh ceiling feature and matching wall lights, pleated pendant ceiling sconces and other bespoke pendants

Following the success of Dirty Martini Hanover Square, owners CG Group decided to take the concept to the City. The first site was opened in Bishopsgate in 2013 followed by St Paul’s and then Monument. Continuing our work with interior designers Grapes Design, we were again called on to develop bespoke lighting features for these venues.

Working from the designer’s brief, we produced a range of copper mesh ceiling features to deliver the signature look of the brand. In Bishopsgate, a group of four rectangular pendants dominate the ceiling in the seating area whilst at Monument the feature takes a more vintage twist with an octagonal shade complementing the chevron pattern of the floor.

In St Paul’s – the largest of the venues- individual bespoke features were specified in each area, again, to provide a degree of difference between the various sections. A row of diamond-shaped pendants above the main bar enhances the striking bottle wall behind. LED tube pendants and a three tier ring chandelier add a contemporary touch to the luxurious and opulent interior. Copper mesh wall lights provide accent lighting, serving as a backdrop to the dramatic artworks exclusively designed for Dirty Martini by Russ Mills.

Photography by Michael Franke   www.michaelfranke.co.uk