Cut & Craft

Interior Designer


Located in St. Sampson's Square, a historic part of York’s city centre, Cut & Craft is an informal restaurant specialising in delicious flat iron steak and craft beers. During its recent renovation, Northern Lights was asked to provide lighting throughout to complement the rich, exposed materials specified by interior designers JMDA .

JMDA’s dramatic designs featured rich walnut and brass detailing so their lighting concepts were perfect contrasts of feature chandeliers using hand blown glass and decorative glass lamps with an additional focus on decorative accents in metal. This utilised the vast array of stunning finish options from Northern Lights Metallurgy range.

The multi-arm chandeliers are the highlight light fittings of the scheme JMDA have created. Finished in Verdigris to complement the accents of foliage, they have organic hand blown “dented” glass spheres and are illuminated by warm light LED capsule lamps.

The other chandelier and ceiling pendant designs are simpler fittings finished with a distressed patinated gold and are lit with feature LED filament lamps and globes.

The lamps that are fitted into walnut and panelled screens to separate various dining areas are deco influenced in style and also finished in patinated gold. Opal Matt glass sphere shades are framed by laser cut perforated cones which soften the light.