Colmore Tang HQ

Interior Designer

Tibbatts Abel

Light fittings supplied

Decorative lighting scheme

Having worked closely with Tibbatts Abel and Colmore Tang on many successful projects, we jumped at the chance of manufacturing and developing the light fittings for the brand new Colmore Tang headquarters. The close working relationship we have formed has helped us deliver something that truly reflects the company’s values and beliefs - high quality and unique fittings that really have that wow factor.

Brass, stainless steel and acrylic forms are used throughout the modern office space, using a mixture of brushed and polished faces to add depth to the glistening drops. Each curl is formed by hand and finished by our craftsmen to ensure a truly original result. Each light fitting complements the others whilst remaining unique in its own space. 

Our favourite fitting has to be the boardroom feature. The grid layout is home to hundreds of individual curls, all of which are fastened discretely giving the impression that they are floating inside the grid. The polished ceiling plate helps double the perceived height of the fitting. 

Photography: Courtesy of Clive Reeves Public Relations