Buckingham Palace Garden Pop-up

Interior Designer


Light fittings supplied

giant fabric shades and fibre string shades

Every year when the stateroom of Buckingham Palace is open to the public, interior design consultancy lustedgreen is commissioned to set up a huge pop-up shop in the royal garden. This year the designers decided to incorporate a few more decorative details to enrich the shop settings, providing a fresh shopping experience to visitors. Having worked with Northern Lights on several retail projects, they approached us again to develop a couple of bespoke lighting features as a key part of the interior scheme.

Three giant fabric shades are installed on the central display units. Measuring nearly a metre in diameter and 0.7 metres high, the shades were custom-made by hand in our dedicated shades department. The striking display immediately drew attention to the key merchandise. The grand scale and vibrant colour made a contemporary statement whilst the warm glow brought in more focused illumination without causing glare, making it easier for visitors to browse the lovely souvenirs.

The glass globe ceiling lights were enhanced by bespoke shades featuring specially sourced fibre strings. The delicate strings were carefully attached to the laser-cut frames then tied up at the end to form a sophisticated tassel, creating a cascading effect. The elegant flowing lines disperse the light, giving off a beautiful pattern of shadows.

Photography: Liz Artindale