​256 Wilmslow Road

Interior Designer

Allison Pike Partnership

Light fittings supplied

The complete decorative lighting scheme

Situated in the trendy Fallowfield area of Manchester, 256 Wilmslow has been developed to appeal to students and academics as well as the locals of Fallowfield and beyond.

Working together with Allison Pike, Northern Lights provided a bespoke lighting solution which transformed the listed building into a stunning bar and party venue.

Taking into consideration the architectural character of the listed building and the brand image, the lighting was designed to give the venue a contemporary edge without compromising the impact of the original features such as the brickwork and the wooden floors.

The most distinctive lighting feature is the number pendants – three pendants in the shape of numbers: two, five and six. LED lamps were placed at the edge of each number. At one metre high and half a metre wide, the number pendants make a powerful statement.

Working from the interior designer’s vision to create a linear light fitting with an industrial feel, Northern Lights developed a square light raft featuring a stainless steel frame with a brushed aluminium finish. The frame is lit by 8w dimmable LED lamps.

Northern Lights also supplied other industrial style pendants including the copper finish sphere pendants and the vintage style grey pendants.