Magazine | Posted by Paul Keys on Thursday 06 October 2016

Welcome to the latest issue of Enlightened. In this issue we feature the Park Regis Birmingham, the brand’s first hotel in Europe. From captivating chandeliers with delicate detailing to sleek bedroom lamps, an array of bespoke lighting has been developed as an integral component of the hotel’s elegant and timeless design.

Another project is the bespoke cocoon pendants for AstraZeneca featured in the latest edition of darc Magazine. Intricate patterns interwoven into forms of large cocoons symbolise the collective culture of the global pharmaceutical giant. It is a perfect example of how our design and manufacturing expertise can help organisations look and work even better.

In the ‘Be Inspired’ section, we explore design styles that might appeal to ‘Millennials’ – the section of our demographic which will form the largest percentage of the global workforce for several decades to come. Their tastes and habits mark a significant change in the consumer demographic, which is something not only Northern Lights needs to recognise and cater for.

Our Sales Team has expanded yet again – Kevin Swart has joined us as New Business Development Manager. In this issue, he shares his experience to date and his thoughts on hospitality design.

Other highlights include how we have managed to increase capacity and reduce lead time by investing in a laser cutting machine for our plant and also a summary of the Objects of Desire event in Dubai which we recently attended with our agent in the Middle East, Vann FID.

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